Meghan Erwin


Meghan Erwin inherited the cooking gene from her grandmothers and
grew up reading cookbooks as if they were novels. She’s also the
child of a wonderfully creative mother and a father who refused chain
restaurants and encouraged his kids to try “local flavor.” So it’s no
surprise that she developed a healthy obsession for good food and
inspired design.

After a few years in event planning at Tiffany & Co., Megan decided
to revisit her passion for food and met with distinguished chef Larry
Forgione, who offered her a chance to work at his acclaimed St.
Louis restaurant, An American Place. Working for Chef Forgione
opened her eyes to beautiful, innovative and refined American
cuisine. Inspired, she enrolled in culinary school and never looked

Before she knew it, she was sloshing through snow in Boston for a
three-month internship that led to a full-time position and a two-year
stint at America’s Test Kitchen. There, she developed recipes and
wrote articles for Cooks Country magazine while working on photo
shoots and two different cooking shows.
Meghan recently left Boston for Austin to lend her considerable
talents to the Craven + Co. team. Look for her to post recipes, share
her favorite things: eating, travel, design inspiration, and irresistible


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