Tiffany Craven

I’ve been drawn to design and details my whole life.  My father is an architect; and when I was a little girl, he would walk me through his blueprint drawings using his index + middle finger as little people walking through the space he had designed, imagining what they might do there.  I do the same with my events (without using my fingers).  I walk through the space in my mind and imagine how the guests + their host will experience the event created by my team.  I hope that each guest will find something unexpected that will leave them with a memory + a story to tell.

 I find my greatest inspiration when I travel, when I can soak up new elements everywhere I turn; but I never underestimate little surprises in every day life.  The tiniest thing can evolve into a large scale concept.

Since 1996, I have been producing events of all sizes for my loyal clients, ranging from 800 guest galas to intimate birthday dinners.   TCD is known for impeccable design, creativity and innovative concepts.  We produce turnkey projects or provide the crucial missing element to  your company’s in-house team.


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About Us:

We're a group of women that has formed strong bonds through our shared love of refined design, beautiful food, wanderlust and great people. Lucky for us, our job lets us combine all four.