I first became familiar with David Kurio's work almost 20 years ago when I was an eager 30-something event producer just getting my start. David was the only florist that one of my longest standing and favorite clients, Lance Armstrong, would ever use (and Lance has good taste). The word "florist" doesn't really capture what David does..."master florist" begins to. 


I love working with David because he'll sit down and brainstorm on every detail about the event, even if it doesn't center around floral elements.  He gets excited about the whole process.  I always walk away from meetings with him more inspired about my own project.  He just has that energy.  

David's designs are works of art.  From full walls of pavé white blooms to a sultry dark plum arrangement with pops of lime green, I always know what to expect after working with him for so long but he still impresses me every time.  

At events, I always get the question from guests, pointing at an arrangement: "Is that David Kurio?"  Kind of like on the red carpet at the Oscars when they ask the celebrity if their dress is Oscar de la Renta.  He's in a league of his own, and deserves the amazing reputation he's earned in the upper echelons of floral design. His firm, David Kurio Designs, is based in beautiful Austin, Texas.

wedding photos by Robert Evans \\ robertevans.com