A good friend, Jill Dachis, was planning her daughter Ruby’s Bat Mitzvah in NYC.  She had chosen a great venue on the Lower East Side called Angel Orensanz Foundation. It is the oldest synagogue building in Manhattan.  When Jill called me, Ruby had informed her that she wanted a Wes Anderson Bat Mitzvah, which 1, was awesome, and 2, would require a lot of detailed design and production to bring to life.

We named each table after a Wes Anderson movie, then made the design for the table true to its movie. This meant that each centerpiece was unique, including the menus, place cards and table signs that our designer, Emily Young, created.

Jill is super creative herself so she was excited to work with us to create the vision.  Living in NYC, she had access to flea markets and other resources that we just don’t have in Austin.  So the process went that we would brainstorm on the look then Jill would go out to the flea markets with a shopping list to find the props we needed.  She would send us photos of her daily haul.  When we went up for our site visits and event meetings, we visited rental companies for the loose ends and pulled together the final looks.

In the mezzanine, we had a ping pong table with spectator seats. The kids (and adults) could hang out in tents with vintage record players and headphones.  One of the favorite things of the night was a desk where the guests could write a letter to Ruby, seal it with a wax stamp and put it in a letter box for her to read later.

Downstairs, we had a photo booth with the iconic red zebra wallpaper from Royal Tenenbaums as a background. We had The Haiku Guys and Gals there writing haikus for guests on an old typewriter.  I don’t know how they did it but the guest would give them a few bits of info and they would craft a personal haiku. DJ Ben Aqua traveled from Austin in true Life Aquatic attire.

The invitation suite for this event was inspired by Grand Budapest Hotel and was absolutely gorgeous. The save the date was reminiscent of a letter from Madame D.  The formal invitation was modeled after Mendl’s pink pastry box in the film. You can see more about this in our DETAILS post.

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We love doing events at Josephine House. It is one of the restaurants in McGuire Moorman Hospitality. MMH restaurants are guaranteed to have impeccable design, incredible food and outstanding staff.

Josephine House is in a Clarksville cottage right next to their more formal restaurant, Jeffrey’s.  The indoor space is small and cozy. They also have a great outdoor space with booths tucked in alcoves and tables under big beautiful trees, but the outdoor space isn’t able to be tented. All of that to say, your guest count has to fit their maximum capacity, but if it does, you won’t be disappointed.

cc kaelin and andres engagement table.jpg

For this engagement brunch, we used the JH white washed farm tables for seating and added bright, coral peonies.

The party favors were splits of champagne with a  straw and note tied with hand-dyed ribbon.  We added a note box for guests to write message of marriage advice for Kaelin and Andrés to read later. 

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This 21st birthday was a blast to produce.  By the end of the night, we were wrangling 21 year olds from 6th Street in Austin.

We started the night at Malverde on 2nd Street for modern Mexican food and margaritas.  It’s a great space with food from the La Condesa kitchen downstairs.  After dinner, the guests boarded a Party Bus to continue on their tour of four Austin hot spots: Gibson, Highball, Lustre Pearl and Clive Bar.

At the beginning of the night, the guests received jewels to redeem for drinks at each stop along the way.  We kept them busy with a Word Game in which they had to find one letter of the alphabet at each bar. Then, once they had all four of the letters, they had to scramble them to figure out the winning word.  The word was SHOT.  :-)

We made a “What did I just drink?” book, so that Emily could record her night as a 21 year old with a Polaroid of her and her partners-in-crime with a few notes about WHAT, WHO and WHERE.

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