McGuire Moorman Hospitality  is a design/style/taste/experience/food collective that makes you want to live an MMH life. I could do a breakfast, lunch, happy hour and dinner tour of their restaurants every day if my waistline and career would allow it. 

In each MMH restaurant, they've paid attention to every single detail: from the coaster your cocktail sits on to the uniform the valet who parked your car was wearing.  That's why their restaurants have quickly become Austin staples.  

We've been planning events in the MMH private event spaces and working with their fashionable + cool events director, Fallon Allison, to create menus and experiences that our clients love for years now.  Here we'll highlight two of the MMH restaurants: Josephine House and Jeffrey's. 


[up to 24 inside or 42 outside seated // up to 30 inside or 50 outside for standing reception]

Josephine House is what they call a Clarksville cottage.  Clarksville is a neighborhood in the heart of Austin that will charm your socks off.   Josephine House has a bright interior made of white wood and marble with a wooden deck right off of the dining room that has multiple levels with tables under large oak trees and tucked into alcoves.  The interior is cozy and will seat up to 24 guests for lunch or dinner.  The white backdrop of the space makes it easy for your event design to pop, like this wedding shower we did using coral peonies.  It takes very little to make the space have a huge impact.  For menus, we've usually combined a passed menu along with some buffet style items "on the marble".  The presentation of the food is always incredible, so this is a venue where you don't have to bring in rentals to make it feel special. They've added vintage silver water pitchers and champagne buckets to their inventory to make it feel less restaurant, more high-end residential...which is my favorite.

If you include the outdoor area, you can seat up to 42 guests.  If you're planning to use the outdoor area, remember the multi-level nature of it and trees make it impossible to tent. However, there is a square parking area that can be easily tented and included if weather requires it.


Jeffrey's has been a part of the Austin fine dining scene since 1975...back when there were not many restaurants and there wasn't much traffic on Mopac, if you can imagine that.  When Larry McGuire and Tom Moorman took it over in 2013, we were waiting on the edge of our seats for the unveiling, because honestly, Jeffrey's needed a reboot.  MMH did it with their unparalleled style but also stayed true to the roots of the restaurant's simple but refined food.  They kept the bones of the space but made every square inch of it a place you want to stay for a long, long time.   


[up to 80 guests seated //  up to 120 guests for standing cocktail reception]

If you have a large group, you can do a full buyout of Jeffrey's.  The restaurant has a few distinct areas, so your group could start in the bar for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres then move into the dining room for dinner.  The capacity for a seated dinner is 80 guests, and your tables would be sprinkled throughout the cozy space.  As with all of their spaces, they've done the design for you. You have to add very little to the tables in the way of centerpieces (if anything at all) to make things feel finished.  


[up to 12 guest seated]

The Napoleon Room is permanently designated as their private dining room.  It's right next to the wine cellar, which allows for a small group to stand and circulate.  The large wooden dining table has a nice, generous width so that you could go a little overboard with a centerpiece if you wanted and still have room for your bottles of wine.  You can seat up to 12 guests in the room but it feels great and cozy even with a smaller group.

CC Jeffrey's napoleon room.jpg


[up to 20 seated // up to 30 standing reception]

The Apartment is as cool as the name sounds.  It's a long narrow room located above the main restaurant.  It has two wooden tables that can seat up to 20 guests if you push them together.  The table is a standard 30" width so centerpieces are best kept simple, because the service is family style and you'll need room for serving pieces. The laid back vibe of the space fits the name of the room perfectly...the small leather love seat, bar counter and vinyl record player make you feel like you are in a very cool apartment.  We did a birthday dinner in The Apartment, and by the end of the night, everyone was taking turns picking the next record to spin, dancing and singing out loud. There aren't many spaces in Austin that have that effect on a bunch of grown adults.

We hope you'll love the MMH private event spaces as much as we do.  And rumor has it they're doing more off-site catering I'll be in touch with more on that and their other event spaces soon.  

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♥️ xx TC