The Wolseley, by their own account, is an all-day café-restaurant in the grand European tradition.  I'll agree, grand is a good way to describe it. The Wolsley is located in St. James in a beautiful building that was originally a car showroom for Wolsley Motors in 1921.  The interior is a striking black with gold accents throughout.  The ceilings are two stories high with arching stonework and gorgeous chandeliers you will wish you could fit in your own home somehow.  

They have an impressive breakfast, lunch & dinner menu and impressive service to match. The main dining room is a buzzing, see-and-be-seen vibe.  The first time I heard about The Wolseley, it was in a story about Anna Wintour, the ultimate tastemaker, being seen there. So I figured it must be worth a try, and it definitely was.

Their private dining room will seat 14 guests.  The room is accessed by its own private staircase and is perched in a decadent black and gold paneled room above everything else.  The room is surrounded by arched windows overlooking the main dining room that fill the space with daylight if you book it for breakfast, lunch or tea.  For dinner, the room's black and gold interior comes to life with candlelight and the light from the chandeliers that hang at eye level just outside.  The windows make you feel like you're part of the restaurant buzz but they are draped on the bottom half so your group feels perfectly private.

The restaurant also has a mezzanine level with tables that feel removed from the dining room, if you don't need a truly private space but want to feel set apart from the main area.  It's a fun perch if you can manage to reserve it in advance. 

The Wolseley is part of our full London story, which you can read here.  

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McGuire Moorman Hospitality  is a design/style/taste/experience/food collective that makes you want to live an MMH life.  I could do a breakfast, lunch, happy hour and dinner tour of their restaurants every day if my waistline and career would allow it.  

In each MMH restaurant, they've paid attention to every single detail: from the coaster your cocktail sits on to the uniform the valet who parked your car was wearing.  That's why their restaurants have quickly become Austin staples.  

We've been planning events in the MMH private event spaces and working with their fashionable + cool events director, Fallon Allison, to create menus and experiences that our clients love for years now.

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