Craven + Co. GIF BOOTH

Craven + Co. GIF BOOTH



  • up to 4 hours 

  • Craven + Co. basic props package

  • Craven + Co. attendant 

  • Choice of three backgrounds:  silver, gold or iridescent 

  • Link to the full gallery from the event to share with guests 

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Craven + Co.'s GIF Booth is an activity that is guaranteed to steal the show at any event!  We have seen it used in all age groups, and it doesn't matter if you're 6 or 60 years old, it is addictive. 

Guests choose props and interact with the easy to use interface to create a 3 second long "GIF" (which is basically just a moving photo). They can easily send the GIF to themselves via text or email, so it serves as a hilarious keepsake after the event.  Email us to reserve: